How are your color?

My today’s feeling is yellow flower color.
Cause when I met you, I felt warm sunshine.


Korean Traditional Natural Color Communicator
For about 30 years, I have been studying Korean traditional natural dyeing.
Color has always taught me a lesson in life, and is always with my life.

From Nature

자연으로부터 얻어지다
Be obtained from nature


시간을 기다려 얻어진 자연의 선물
The gift of nature obtained after waiting for time


색이 깨어나기를 기다리는 작업
Waiting for the color to awaken


전해주고싶은 이야기
What I want to tell next generations

Dyeing Project

Relics Color Restoration, Connect the past with the present
Korean Traditional Color Palette, Colors from Korea’s nature
Color Communication, Communicate with people by ‘color’

Lecture & Workshop

I always observe the world with ‘color’and communicate with people what I saw and felt in the process of getting ‘color’.


전통염색교육연구소 대표: 조미숙 / 소재지: 경기도 양평군 서종면 / 이메일: